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Strategies to Help You Achieve Success on AnyOption

Traders who use AnyOption have to do much more than simply buy binary options and see if they have made a score.  A right prediction can earn you 90% – 1000% increase on your initial investment depending on how high the risk is and depending on which binary options you are trading in.  But every time you buy call or put options, you are putting your investment at risk because if your guess is wrong, you lose your investment.  The best way to become a successful trader is to learn binary strategies so you can make the right predictions and earn more in less time while cutting back on losses.

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Where to learn binary strategies?

As described by Investire-Expert AnyOption has a trading academy that teaches you the basic principles of binary trading and teaches you all the different strategies to help improve your trade.  It is much better to go through the training and to learn strategies as well as all the guidelines regarding each different trade option rather than simply plunge in because if you don’t know what you are doing you are definitely going to lose some money.

Top Binary Strategies

There are a lot of strategies that you can try to make accurate predictions regarding the value increase or decrease of underlining assets and some traders even invent their own strategies when they have good experience in trading. The top binary strategies are. 

Breakout Trading Strategy – Technical analysis is done to determine fluctuations in underlying assets so traders can spot opportunities.  When the analysis predicts a drop in asset value, traders buy put options.  When it predicts an increase in asset value, traders will buy call options.  The technical analysis helps to make accurate predictions so traders can minimize the risk involved in trading.

Correlation Trading Strategy – Two or three underlying assets often increase and decrease in value together because they influence one another.  For example, when the price of oil drops, so does the price of USD.  Traders can use the drop of the price in oil to predict a drop in USD and buy Put options so they can minimize the risk of losing their investment.

Fence Trading Strategy – This strategy involves buying both put and call options when the market fluctuates greatly.  Traders will buy in a wide price range and place trades at highest and lowest price ranges to create a fence which will help them improve their chances of winning.

News Trading Strategy – Follow news and economic reports to help you make the right predictions so you can buy the right binary options at the right time.

Swing Trading Strategy – This strategy involves quick paced trades with 15 min – 30 min time frames.  Technical analysis is used to help traders identify breakouts so they can buy call or put options at the right moment.

Trend Trading Strategy – Traders from AnyOption buy binary options in assets that have mostly up or downward trends.  The key to winning with this strategy is to opt out at the right moment so you don’t end up losing your investment.